Unveiling the new website

Deploy Serverless Functions at the Edge

Lagon is an open-source runtime and platform that allows developers to run TypeScript and JavaScript Serverless Functions at the Edge, close to users.

Deploy in seconds

Your Deployments are live all around the world in a few seconds. Deploy with the CLI, the Playground on the Dashboard, or automate with a GitHub Action.

2ms cold starts

Lagon's Runtime is written in Rust and uses V8, Chrome's JavaScript engine. Your Functions start in single-digit milliseconds and stay warm for subsequent requests.

Build faster 
  • websites
  • apps
  • cron jobs
  • webhooks
  • websites

Open source

Custom JS Runtime

Deploy with CLI, Playground, GitHub Action


gzip / Brottli

Advanced statistics

Realtime logs

Cron triggers

Preview and Production deployments

Custom domains

Cloud or self-hosted

Automatic HTTPS

Packed with features

Trigger via HTTP or Cron

All Functions have a unique URL and can be assigned to custom domains, or configured to execute automatically based on a Cron expression.

Rollback in seconds

You can promote any previous Preview Deployment to Production with a single click. The rollback is propagated globally in a few seconds.

Analytics and logs

Analyse the performance and usage of your Functions with detailed metrics, and debug them thanks to real-time logging.

Build on Web APIs

Use the same Web APIs you already know like Request and fetch(), NPM packages, frameworks and libraries. We follow the WinterCG conventions.

Pay as you go

Get a generous free tier, and then only pay for the number of requests your Functions receives, without worrying about scaling.

We love Open Source

Lagon is fully open source and is focused on the community. You can choose to use Lagon Cloud, or self-host it on your own infrastructure.

A growing Edge Network

14 regions allowing minimal latency all around the world.